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Museo de Arte Contemporáneo en Vidrio de Alcorcón

The town of Alcorcón in Madrid has many attractions that make it the perfect destination to continue exploring our region, but this time we went there to see a very special museum, the 'Museum of Contemporary Art in Glass', which is located in a historic building, the 'Castillo Grande de San José de Valderas'. Let's get started!

A few kilometres from the capital, and perfectly connected by public transport, is the town of Alcorcón to which we go today, to learn a little more about its Museum of Contemporary Art in Glass, an area of free access, which joins the network of museums in the Region of Madrid, and gives good account of our wealth and cultural variety. 

But let's start from the beginning, and for this, we go back to 1994, when Javier Gómez, one of the most relevant sculptors of the glass art scene in our country, suggested to the City Council of the town, the creation of a museum of these characteristics, from works donated by different national and international artists.

We will have to wait two years for this proposal to be approved, which finally, thanks also to the rapid response of Javier's great friend, the Japanese collector Takako Sano, who donated 57 works from her collection, went ahead, and finally the inauguration took place on 23 October 1997, at which time the artist donated the work number 60, a piece by Torres Esteban.

The place chosen to install this cultural centre was the 'Castillo Grande de San José de Valderas', a construction of neo-Gothic-Saxon style that dates from 1917 in which the family of the Marquises of Valderas lived until 1936, to be later abandoned until its rehabilitation by the consistory in the year 1991, for cultural use.

At present, the collection, which is made up of design objects, sculptures and installations dating from 1970 to the present day, includes more than 300 pieces, of which more than 200 are on display in the different halls of the museum, arranged in a chronological and didactic manner, with the aim of promoting understanding and learning for all those who decide to visit this unique museum.

During the next few days, a new exhibition will be inaugurated, but throughout the year, the museum has an intense program that includes workshop visits, school days, conferences, round tables and guided visits accompanied by specialized guides belonging to CEATE.

We encourage you to stay tuned to our cultural agenda, to know the next exhibitions and activities of the MAVA. 

More info: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo en Vidrio de Alcorcón - MAVA

Image credits: View General of the Room II, theme room titled "Rompiendo el techo de cristal", dedicated to the creative and inspiring woman. MAVA