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El Roto. No se puede mirar

Until 16 February, you can see the exhibition 'El Roto. One Cannot Watch', hosted by the Cloister of the Jerónimos. It is a collection of drawings, made by Andrés Rábago, made specifically to be shown at the Prado Museum, and with the aim of showing with humour the persistence of human stupidity.

Last November 26th, the Prado Museum surprised us with 'El Roto. One Cannot Watch', the title of which coincides with a drawing by the brilliant Francisco de Goya belonging to Cuaderno C, which forms part of the exhibition 'Goya. Drawings. Only my Strength of Will Remains', which can also be seen today in the Madrid art gallery.  

The Room Jerónimos Cloister in the Jerónimos building is hosting this exhibition until 16 February, curated by José́ Manuel Matilla, Head of Conservation of Drawings and Prints at the Prado Museum.

The main character, Andrés Rábago (Madrid, 1947), is a cartoonist and graphic humourist, and is considered one of the most important in our country. On seeing his drawings, it is possible to recognize the works of the renowned artist from Fuendetodos, which indicates the coincidence in his way of thinking.
Thanks to its versatility, we will be able to see paintings, drawings and prints in which humour is combined, mainly black, with an intense dramatism that, like Goya, is complemented with titles, phrases, commentaries and texts that reflect the immutability of human stupidity and the moral decadence of our society; a total of 36 drawings, halfway between caprice and nonsense.

You will also have access to the publication "No se puede mirar (y otras estampas)", which brings together the illustrations made for this exhibition, along with 15 other drawings selected by the author, which pay a heartfelt tribute to Goya.

More info: El Roto. One Cannot Watch 

Image credits: La pesadilla Andrés Rábago "El Roto" Aguada de colores en papel avitelado, 404 x 295 mm ©El Roto, VEGAP, Madrid, 2019