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Circo de Hielo 2

Don't miss 'Circo de Hielo 2', a show that will captivate children and adults, which will be on IFEMA until 12 January. Under the big tent, you will find an impressive ice rink, where a singular show will take place, which fuses acrobatic dance on skates with the most contemporary circus, thanks to artists from different disciplines. Don't let them tell you about it!

By the hand of Productores de Sonrisas, creators of 'Circo Mágico' and 'Circlassica', and backed by the success obtained with both shows, this winter the tent is installed in IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, to bring magic to the hearts of all spectators until next January.

Under the direction of Suso Silva, winner of the 2003 National Circus Award, the large 16-meter ice rink will host 'Circo de Hielo 2', a show that combines artistic skating, acrobatics, and balancing, with theatre, humour, and live music, from the hands of more than 45 artists of 8 nationalities, including figure skaters, acrobats, gymnasts, jugglers, clowns, and musicians. 

The story invites the spectator to explore a frozen planet full of glaciers, igloos and auroras borealis, which is home to an Eskimo village known as the Inuits, who is surprised by the arrival of a magical being of light: Dundu.

From here, the protagonist, created from the explosion of a supernova star, will break the ice, getting two species that did not know each other, meet, and together discover a new world.

¡Circo de Hielo 2 is much more than a show, don't miss it!

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Image credits: © AY + COMUNICACIÓN