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Meninas Madrid Gallery

During the months of October and November the second edition of 'Meninas Madrid Gallery' will take place, turning the capital into the largest urban gallery of contemporary art. An authentic museum, that will surprise you in different corners of the city. Experience a different autumn with these unique sculptures!

Framed in the project 'Madrid Capital de Moda' and promoted by Madrid City Council in collaboration with the Business Association of Textile Trade and Accessories, returns a new edition of 'Madrid Meninas Gallery'. 

Until 30 November, can be seen in different parts of the town 52 fibreglass sculptures, 1.80 metres high, 1.60 metres deep and approximately 30 kilos in weight, created by different plastic artists, actors, chefs and athletes.

This tribute to Velázquez's well-known Meninas, was created by the artist Antonio Azzato with the aim of continuing with the transmission of the infinite message that the own Spanish painter began, and includes, among others, Dani Rovira, Rosana, Luis Alfonso de Borbón, Vanesa Martín, Ouka Leele, Samantha Vallejo-Nájera and Rafa Nadal. The base of each Menina includes a QR code that can be scanned with any mobile device to access the complete information of the sculptures.

Until 30 November, all those who come to contemplate these works will be able to see how the artist Domingo Zapata has an artistic intervention on two of them.

In addition, this initiative has a solidarity character, since after finishing the exhibition most of the sculptures will be auctioned and the profits will be destined to diverse causes like the Rafael Nadal Foundation for its contribution to gender equality through sport, or the Querer, Aladina, Ochotumbao, Lukas, Alain Afflelou and Transexualia Foundations.

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Image credits: Web Madrid Meninas Gallery