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Dibujantas. Pioneras de la ilustración

Until September 22 you have time to see the free sample 'Dibujantas. Pioneras de la ilustración' (Female artists, pioneers in illustration) hosted by the ABC Museum, which brings together, through almost 136 masterpieces, the work of the women who revolutionised the world of illustration. Don't miss the opportunity to see this very vindictive exhibition, in which you will discover some of the hidden treasures in the ABC Collection.

The result of an intense research and documentation arises this exhibition whose title "I Salón de Dibujantas" (First Drawing Exhibition), which took place at the Lyceum Club Femenino in 1931. For the first time, you can see the works of the main illustrators who worked for the Blanco y Negro and ABC publications since their foundation.

During the visit, we can see 136 works by 40 artists, ranging from the pioneers of the late nineteenth century to the most modern of the nineties. Among many others, we find names of great artists such as A.T.C, Piti Bartolozzi, Maruja Mallo, Marga Gil Roësset, Coti (Lucrecia Martínez Feduchi) or Mar Ferrero.

Marta González Orbegozo and Josefina Alix are the curators of this exhibition, which after selecting the best of the production of these artists from among the 150,000 pieces of the ABC Museum Collection, proposes a selection that follows a temporal thread divided into four stages from 1891 to the 1990s: Opened the way, The Moderns, The postwar and New airs.

The exhibition aims to illuminate the work and lives of all these women, which makes clear the decisive role that the publications ABC and Blanco y Negro had in the professionalization of illustration, as well as the opportunity for each of these women to be able to perform a decent job, paid and publicly recognized.

A unique opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of the collection of this gallery, while discovering what social and cultural life was like at that time, as well as the claim to the role of women in Spanish illustration.

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Image credits: Prensa Museo ABC. Madame Gironella (ca. 1860 - ¿?)