Turismo Madrid

Exposiciones curiosas

We are going to propose you a different plan for this summer, it is about visiting a series of curious exhibitions of different artists with diverse themes, in which is presented the result of their experiences in the life, of how they are able to overcome the difficulties through the art, or even how the art and the technology go hand in hand throughout the years.


We begin our recommendations with this exhibition of sculptures, result of the transformation of the basic elements of assembly so used in the railway industry, which give rise to different forms and styles, from the most figurative to the abstract. All this, as a result of the artist's dreams and images, which turn them into true works of art. The author is Miguel Ángel Sánchez, who with this exhibition highlights his experience and training, as a result of his long life dedicated to the world of creation and the possibility of having visited the main museums worldwide, which have been the culmination of his formative stage. Coming from Soria, throughout the geography of its province you can admire many of his creations. You have time until September 30th. 

Dos Vidas, la que vivo y la que dibujo

Our next suggestion leads us to move to the municipality of Galapagar, specifically to its National Library Ricardo León, where the young Galapagos artist, David Rivas Fernández, known as "Darifé", exhibits until August 31, a selection of his best works, which are based on various characters and themes, some of them closely related to their immediate surroundings. Finalist in the prizes of the circuit of young artists of the Region of Madrid, David, has contributed with his illustrations in numerous theatre billboards, as well as in films as well-known as "Un monstruo viene a verme" (A Monster Calls), or part of the scenography of the artist Diana Navarro, in her tour 'Resiliencia'. 

Creciente. 50 años de la Llegada a la Luna

We're going to the moon with this exhibition that hosts the Madrid Planetarium until 29 September, and which commemorates the 50th anniversary of landing men on our satellite. Through a series of artistic representations directed by the research group "Artecs", belonging to the Complutense University's Faculty of Fine Arts, tribute is paid to this event, through technological development, in relation to artistic creation and how these practices impact on social development. 

El Hombre y su ser

Our last recommendation is this exhibition, in which the visually impaired artist Rubén González Sánchez exhibits his sculptures, which can be seen and above all touched. Located in the Tiflológico Museum of the ONCE, 14 works of this unique self-taught creator are exhibited, elaborated in woods of different textures, such as walnut, pine, alder, or cherry. Rubén born in Ávila, and his artistic vein is inherited from his father and sister, with whom he continues to collaborate in works such as that of the 'Donantes de Sangre de Ávila' (Blood Donoated), or the image of Saint Peter in the parish of the same name in the city. Receives the Honorable Mention in the Plastic Arts competition, held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Tiflológico Museum of the ONCE. 

Image credits: Cartel 'Creciente. 50 años de la Llegada a la Luna'