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XLIV Travesía de las Cumbres Escurialenses

With many years of tradition, takes place the 'Travesía de las Cumbres Escurialenses', as is usual every August. It is framed as a recreational sporting activity within the programme of patron saint festivities of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The test will take place on 15th August, and is expected as always, an active participant and general public.

This event has been declared of Regional Tourist Interest since 2014 due to its peculiarities, as well as the participative and festive character that it treasures, since people of both sexes can register, without age limit, distributed in teams of two or three participants maximum. There are some crossing points, in which each team has to show the registration card, also, in the checkpoints is established a minimum and maximum crossing time, this can not be exceeded, in any case. Each team that fulfils the established in the controls will receive a trophy and medals at the end. It is very important to comply with the rules of the test.

The crossing has a route of 22 kilometres through the nearby summits that surround the municipality of San Lorenzo. From 8am onwards, the teams are ready to start the route, in which the values of effort and help to the other members are fundamental in order to reach the goal. It is essential that all the components reach their destination; for this, the provisions on the road, possible setbacks, injuries, etc., must be resolved in solidarity, within the team, to achieve the common challenge.

The respect for the natural environment, for everyone to enjoy, corresponds to everybody, so it is recommended to moderate the noise generated through the devices we carry, as well as the tone of voice, so as not to disturb the peace of animals and other participants. Do not step on the flowers, do not break the branches of the trees, do not move trunks, respect the enclosures as they are, even if they seem abandoned, since any alteration of the environment, no matter how minimal, can impact on some ecosystem.

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Image credits: Web Ayuntamiento de San Lorenzo.