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Noches de Faunia

This summer we surprise you with a different and very funny plan, especially for the little ones. It is about enjoying in the moonlight of the more than 300 animal species that inhabit Faunia, a zoo of the most complete, which includes during the visit night exhibitions, didactic activities and especially a good number of surprises, which you should not miss.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 5pm to midnight and Thursdays until 11pm, the Nature Theme Park 'Faunia' offers you a journey with a different perspective, especially when the daytime lights go out, and the rituals and behaviours of the species are transformed at night.

The ecosystems are the protagonists of this visit, where we will see the Antarctic, the temperate forest, the mangroves and the marine world, thanks to the route starting from the exhibition of the flight of the birds of prey and exotic, passing through the didactic talk with the social and friendly capuchin monkeys, or the ecosystem of the marsupials with Bennet's Wallaby as the protagonist, until the meeting with the more than 100 penguins that very attentive wait for us. The crocodiles will not lack, carnivorous reptiles always on the lookout, which we will have the opportunity to see closer than we ever imagined, and the impressive Komodo dragon will greet us to finish.

Then, be careful, we must protect ourselves, because we will enter in a real tropical storm, but be calm, the thing won't go any further.

The grand finale of this spectacular visit will be at the Teatro Lago, seeing the intelligent marine mammals and their skills in and out of the water.

If you want to complete the visit, and you have time, you can attend two screenings that we recommend: on the one hand "Birds of a feather", and on the other hand the short film"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

The kids playground is open all day, so the fun never stops.

More info: Noches de Faunia

Image credits: Web Faunia