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‘Patrick Pound. Fotografía y aire’ en el Lázaro Galdiano

The Lázaro Galdiano Museum is hosting the exhibition 'Patrick Pound: Photography and Air' until 25 August, organised by PHotoEspaña and the own museum, where the concept of air serves as the guiding thread of this project, where collecting is transformed into art thanks to curatorial practice.

According to Pound himself -artist, collector, curator and professor of New Zealand photography-, 'to collect is to order your thoughts by means of things'. This is the starting point for this exhibition in which the protagonist collaborates with Susan Bright, curator and head of five exhibitions entitled ¿Dèja vú? in the official section of PHE19.

This collaboration is key, because in 'Photography and Air' the roles of artist and curator are not distinguished, being the original functions relieved by the process of creation of the artist. 

The exhibition includes a collection of 500 family photos, archive photographs of missing newspapers and promotional film frames, which the artist has achieved through ebay over the years, the result of his passion for accumulation.

From here she begins her work, right where the other photographers left her. The air serves as a thread, and the images are detached from their original context, creating a new one that is both arbitrary and coherent.

Along with these snapshots, however, there are nineteen works belonging to the own Museum, which Pound himself has selected from the gallery's database, and which contain an idea of air, such as the painting of a passing cloud, a medal representing a balloon or a mirror surrounded by wind instruments.

More info: Patrick Pound. Fotografía y aire 

Image credits: Prensa PHE 2019