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Verano en la estación de Navacerrada

Summer is for enjoying, and in the Region of Madrid is the perfect time to do outdoor activities, rediscover nature, and spend a different day with family, friends, or as you choose. This week, we are going to the Navacerrada ski resort, taking advantage of the fact that the chairlift that climbs to Bola del Mundo has already begun to work. Join us!

Navacerrada opens for holidays, and although it is no longer ski season, it is possible to make a different excursion to the Bola del Mundo, as from last June 15 is working the Guarramillas chairlift , which will operate every weekend until October 13, uninterrupted hours from 10.30am hours to 6.15pm.

This is an activity that you will love from the first minute, as it allows you to enjoy unbeatable views of the Sierra Madrileña. Once the ascent is finished, you can make a stop at Bar La Bola, a unique enclave that also enjoys spectacular views, as it is located at the highest point in the Region of Madrid.

But there you will find activities for everyone, so that you can enjoy nature in its purest form, such as the well-known Schmidt path, which will take you to Cercedilla, along a route full of wild pine forests; the Siete Picos route, very accessible and with impressive views of Madrid and Castilla y León; or the simple 10 kilometres route that will take you to the Barranca Valley, to enjoy the beauty of a colourful environment. 

But if you want to combine the chairlift with hiking, we suggest two options: on the one hand the source of the Manzanares River, very close to the summit of Bola del Mundo, where a lot of snow accumulates in winter; and on the other, for those seeking a route that requires more physical preparation, the excursion to Cuerda Larga, which will delight the most demanding, for its slopes and length.

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Image credits: Facebook Puerto de Navacerrada