Turismo Madrid


Active Tourism in the Region of Madrid

If you live in the Region of Madrid or you have chosen us as the destination to practice sport, and escape from the daily routine, you are in the right place. Our region has one of the best ecosystems in Europe, which facilitates the wide and varied range of active tourism by air, land and water. Do you want to know more? Here we tell you everything!

All year long, the Region of Madrid allows us to practice different sports also adapting to weather conditions.

During the cold winter, we could always go to any of the ski resorts where you can check your good work with skis, have fun with your snowboard, go hiking with snowshoes, and if you dare, rock climbing or walls ice.

When the temperatures give us a bit of respite, areas like La Pedriza, Paton, Cañon de Uceda, Pantano de San Juan and San Lorenzo de El Escorial allow us to be in full contact with nature while practicing climbing, and as could not be otherwise, be privileged witnesses to the amazing landscape.

Another way of contemplating the environment around us is through the routes and paths that run from north to south of the region, which will lead you up to natural protected areas, streams or cattle trails.

If you prefer to explore the area on your bike or even renting one, the 'Bicycle Touring' is your thing and of course here, you can practice without problem through its greenways, because there are many companies that help us to explore the region thanks to its guided tours.

Surely more than once you thought about the feeling of freedom of the birds when they take flight, well, if you're daring and you want to enjoy the paragliding flight will provide you a similar and exciting experience but totally safe.

But if your thing is to be in contact with water, even though our region is inland, does not influence to invite us to practice fun activities in its swamps or rivers. Sailing, canoeing or paddle surfing, also known as SUP or stand-up paddle boarding, activity that also improve your fitness.

On the website of 'AETAM: Association of Active Tourism and Ecotourism of the Region of Madrid', you will find all the official active tourism companies in the region. Do not wait any longer, choose your activity and live the adventure.