Turismo Madrid


Bicycle touring around Madrid, pedal their villages and landscapes

Travel the Region of Madrid by bike and enjoy the landscape has always been possible, but now more than ever we make it easy for you thanks to the different routes through the mountains, greenways, and the circular route of more than 400 kilometres with the 'CiclaMadrid Conecta!' project. In a group, alone, with family... up to you!

The plan that we propose this week is dedicated to all those people who like to be in touch with nature, and at the same time do some sport on his bike. We present you a series of cycling routes to learn more about the Region of Madrid in a healthy way.

As we advanced you at the beginning, is already available the guide 'CiclaMadrid Conecta!', a circular route of over 400 kilometres long that will connect different cultural points of the Region of Madrid through comfortable and accessible routes, that will bring you 400 Assets of Cultural Interest and 300 museums. 

A genuine leisure proposal within a radius of an hour from the centre of the capital city, where not miss a wide range of accommodation and restaurants. An authentic invitation to explore our region in depth in a healthy way, which will allow you to make the tours in groups or at your own pace. Download the app now and be part of the CiclaMadrid community. Madrid, a cycling destination! 

Together with this new project, there are other options to get to know the region in depth, so we will continue through the capital city, where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll through the streets of Madrid with one of the more than 2,000 electric bikes that offers you BiciMAD to do a city tour. A means of transport practical, simple and ecological. Did you try it yet ?

If you prefer to get away from the bustle of the city, with your bike you can enjoy the 65km circuit around the city: the Anillo Verde Ciclista. Almost the entire route, runs through an exclusive platform mostly segregated from traffic, and along the route you will find rest areas, fountains, and maps of the public transport.

The old train tracks thanks to the 'Fundación de Ferrocarriles Españoles', have been conditioned for tourist enjoyment becoming what we now know as Vías Verdes (Greenways). This is another option that you can not miss, if you like enjoying your free time with your bike, because you have five to choose: Vía Verde del río Tajuña (49 km), Vía Verde del río Guadarrama (13 km), Vía Verde del río Alberche (22 km), Vía Verde del tren de los 40 días (14 km) and Vía Verde de la gasolina (3 km). Here, you also will have the option to rent bikes or tandems to live intensively this experience.

La Barranca, Las Zetas de la Pedriza, Las Dehesas, the Santillana reservoir or the chopera del Samburiel, are some of the routes proposed by the electric bicycles hire companies so that you can know the Madrid Mountains.

The TransCam or TransMadrileña, offers you a mountain bike cycling route divided into 12 sections of approximately 54 kilometres with a medium-high difficulty, since in its path you will find slopes and mountain passes. A tougher route than previous ones, but that will dazzle you with the beauty of its landscapes and make it worth the effort made.

Of course, if you do not have a bicycle, there are companies across the entire region who rent them while they show you the cultural heritage of the area, some are electric, so now you have no excuse, get your shoes, comfortable clothes... and enjoy!

More info in the website CiclaMadrid Conecta! and in the Publication Kiosk