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Torre del Palacio Iglesia de Goyeneche de Nuevo Baztán


It is surprising to find in the middle of the countryside a baroque palace presiding over an agricultural and manufacturing complex, advanced and innovative for the time in which it was founded. Time seems to have stopped in Nuevo Baztán, so let yourself be carried away, strolling through its streets and squares!

A visit to Nuevo Baztán would not be complete without walking through its squares. The architectural ensemble was designed outwardly for its inhabitants to interact with each other, since in its time as a manufacturing center, families of artisans and farmers were constantly arriving. 

From square to square

We will begin with the Plaza de la Iglesia, also called Plaza del Jardín or Plaza Mayor. It extends in front of the main facade of the palace-church and has a magnificent fountain in its central point known as Fuente de los Tritones. 

Continuing our tour, we arrive at the Plaza de las Fiestas, also known as Plaza de Toros, because it was the site of bullfighting festivals, plays and concerts in the time of Goyeneche. It is delimited by the Casas de Oficios and its wonderful balconies with arches. It is here that film screenings are held in the summer. 

And we cannot forget the Plaza del Mercado or del Secreto, the name comes from the commercial function it played, attracting traders from all over the region.


Image Credits: Torre del Palacio-Iglesia de Goyeneche de Nuevo Baztán © Comunidad de Madrid