Turismo Madrid


Navalcarnero © Comunidad de Madrid


If you are not tired and you want to enjoy the surrounding natural environment, pay atention to these routes.

You can take the Route of the Pastureland of San Isidro, which follows the water flow of Riaza. In the Pastureland, presided by the Hermitage of San Isidro, we can rest and fill up the energy, drink water and take a break under the shadow of a tree. This place hosts every 15th May a popular pilgrimage.

Moreover, you will like to know that these landscapes were walked by kings, since they hunted and enjoy nature here. It was a privilege then, but now it is a must-see for the visitor.

We will continue through the path of the Water of Riaza, until the confluence with the path of the Mancheguillo, where there is a cross with the best sights of the whole walk.

When we reach this part the Mancheguillo path will drive us until the Méntridanos path, which will drives us back until Navalcarnero.


Image Credits: Navalcarnero © Region of Madrid