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Counts Castle


Of Renaissance style, it was abandoned in the 18th century after being the residence of the Counts of Chinchón for 200 years.

The castle is now privately owned and is closed to the public because it does not meet the security conditions necessary for its visit. However, the most interesting thing is outside: contemplate its exterior and enjoy the fantastic views from the hill over the town of Chinchón, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the Community of Madrid. 

Built at the end of the 15th century, its construction is reminiscent of contemporary Italian-inspired fortifications: the cushioned façade seems to have been imported from Tuscany. 

The interior of the castle is very deformed due to the major modifications it underwent a few decades ago to install a liquor factory. 

It was involved in the communist revolts of 1521, which meant that it had to be remodeled.

It served as a barracks during the War of Succession (1708) and the War of Independence. It ceased to be used in the 18th century. 

They call it a castle, but... It was a palace!

Surprisingly, although it is called a castle, it is actually a Renaissance palace. Its structure has features in common with a castle: its turrets, its simulated ramparts and its plinth with drawbridge and partial moat. However, the absence of real defensive resources such as shooting holes and full moats, together with its construction after the "age of castles", places it in the category of a stately palace with nods to military architecture. 


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