Turismo Madrid

Monasterio de el Paular

Going towards the town, we will stop by the Plaza de los Trastámaras (Square of the Trastámaras), which was built together with the Casona (Bis House). Did you know that this building was a Hospital or "Lazareto" first? This two-storey building with orchard and garden, became a stately home as it is nowadays.

You cannot miss the City Hall, in neo-Mudejar style, that was built in the beginning of the former century and restored in 1984. Furthermore, it is located in the Plaza de la Villa (Village Square), and close to it we can find the colossal Parish of San André Apóstol.

This building of the 15th century is located in the northernmost part of it, and preserves the Gothic vaults and coffering of the 16th century in its central nave. The pulpit is plateresque and it preserves some sculptures from the Paular, like the one of St. Michael the Archangel from the 18th century, produced by Luis Salvador Carmona.

During the civil war, the spire was hit by a howitzer and the bells also disappeared during the conflict. Maybe the most remarkable fact is that the new bells were constructed with the metal of two planes that crashed in the middle of the 20th century.


Image credits: Region of Madrid