Turismo Madrid

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It is worth it to attend to the Fiesta de la Fundación (The Founding Party), the second Sunday of October. This day is commemorated the independence of the Parish of Nuevo Baztán, then named Olmeda de las Cebollas. This party was very important during the 18th century, a solemnity day. Today they have been recovered with a cultural program that includes theatre shows, concerts, painting and photography competitions and a series of activities that recreate the time of the foundation of the town, where it is highlighted the Castilian market.

As the founder was from Navarra and the link between the villa with this region are revealed with the celebration of the Javierada, a version of Madrid of the procession to the Castle of Javier that congregates thousands of people from Navarra the second weekend of March. It is organized by the Comisión de Navarros of Madrid and it has been celebrated since 1978. The activities consist on a Viacrucis, a solemn mass with singing and the food of the fraternity in the Palace field, enlivened with the typical dance of Navarra: the Jota.