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Torre del Palacio Iglesia de Goyeneche de Nuevo Baztán

First, you should know that when Juan of Goyeneche decided to create this urban ensemble, the project was given to José Benito of Churriguera, whose family almost developed the most charged and decorated Baroquian style that you can find in many places in Europe, named as “Churrigueresco”.

This monumental ensemble has a lot to offer, and as it cannot be otherwise we will start in the Palacio de Goyeneche, which was the place of residence of the founder Juan de Goyeneche. The administrative core of factories and industries was located here, since not only it was the most important building, but also one of the most beautiful. When you watch its façade, you can appreciate the high level of detail and the decoration, which are very typical from the Churrigueresco style.

Furthermore, it works as a Palace–Museum nowadays, with a great number of important expositions. One of the most striking expositions is the one organized by the Centro of Interpretation of Nuevo Baztán, that shows images and posters of some of the movies filmed on the urban ensemble. Moreover, actors like Alain Delon, Charlton Heston and Lucía Bosé, or the Spaniards Emma Cohen, Fernando Rey or Esperanza Roy have been acting in the ensemble.

From square to square

We will begin with the Plaza de la Iglesia (Square of the Church), also named Plaza del Jardín (Garden Square) of Plaza Mayor (Main Square). It is located in front of main façade of the palace-church and it has a magnificent fountain known under the name: Fuente de los Tritones (Tritons Square).

interior de iglesia

Continuing our tour, we reach Plaza de las Fiestas (Square of the Parties), also known as Plaza de Toros (Bullring), as there were bullfighting. It is delimited by the Casas de Oficios (Job Houses) and its wonderful balconies with arches.

We cannot miss the Plaza del Mercado (Market Square), which is maybe one of the most picturesque squares that we will find in this town. The name of the square comes from the function that this square had, attracting merchants from all around the region.


Image credits: ©Hugo Fernández. Region of Madrid