Turismo Madrid

Plaza Mayor Navalcarnero © Comunidad de Madrid

We are Going for a Ride. Do you join us?

We suggest you to depart from the Square of the Municipal Theatre, since it is a beautiful and picturesque environment. Going to the centre of the town you will be able to watch the monument to the Running of the Bulls, which shows the importance of the bullfighting tradition of this city.

Near the centre we find the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, whci can be viewed from all the places in Navalcarnero. It has been declared Historic-Artistic Monument. If you are into art, you cannot miss it, since it has one of the most beautiful Baroque altarpieces of the region. In other words, you will not find a better example of the early Renaissance around the villa. Get lost in the town and fell how time seems to stop!

Next to it we find the Square of Segovia, the most frequently visited place since the villa was created. Here the activity of the inhabitants is similar to the activity in the 16th century. Stop by one of the porticoes, have a wine of the Designation of Origin and you will understand what are we talking about.

And if you like the craftsmanship, try to come the second Sunday of the month (except July and August) in order to visit the Artisan Market celebrated in this square.

We also recommend you to visit the Church of San José, which is very small but very beautiful. As well as the Square of Pozo Concejo, a new public place. It is a beautiful place to meet and to live together, both neighbors and visitors. The modernity mixes with the tradition here.

Moreover, you cannot miss the Hermitages of Veracruz and San Roque. The last one has been curiously built by a Knight of the Order of Santiago, and whose name is certainly due to the pestilence that affected the region at the end of the 17th century. On the contrary, the Hermitage of Veracruz stands out due to the frescoes and murals, which have remained untouched since they were made. Continuing with our tour we will arrive to the small square of the Market, in whose lateral walls is built the Warehouse of the Warf, one of the best examples of a popular townhouse of the 19th century that you will find in the region.

Of course, you cannot miss the House of the Chain, the stage where the King Felipe IV and Mariana of Austria say their vows in 1649. Nowadays this royal wedding is commemorated at the end of August or beginning of September with a Golden Century Market.

These are only some of the most important monuments that Navalcarnero offers to its visitors. But don't stop here and explore by yourself the "outdoors museum", which is the villa. There are many statues, typical houses, medieval streets... This city is full of surprises. Discover it with us!