Turismo Madrid

Madrid Área Metropolitana

The metropolitan area of Madrid is a forth one most populated in Europe, after Paris, London and the German Rurh (Esse - Bochum Dortmund). WIth this we mean that Madrid city mixes its frontiers with the adjacent populations, more and more integrated. So do not miss this area and take a tour around the most active areas of the capital.

Historiy and Culture

Doing a cultural tour, the Art Centre of Alcobendas stands out as a reference space of the visual arts and the music. It is a modern building designed by the architect Fernando Parrilla that places Alcobendas in the forefront of Spanish culture. It is a sustainable building, since it is designed as an energetic efficient building.

7000a Alcobendas

Visit also the Museum of Glass Art in Alcorcón. If you visit the museum you will find more than 160 glass works and similar materials, in continue renovation. It preserves an updated and attractive collection. This collection is fostered by works of the International prize of Glass Sculpture.

Do not forget the House of Music in Fuenlabrada. For this, the space of "El Grito" has been arranged and it has all the facilities to host all kinds of events related with music: concerts, rehearsal rooms, recording studios... All the world of music meets in Fuenlabrada, so do not miss it!

The Ciudad Ciencia in Mejorada del Campo is a place of scientific and technological dissemination that organizes workshops, expositions and all kinds of activities for everybody.

The historic ensemble also stands out. It is the Convent of the Incarnation in Boadilla del Monte. It has a magnificent church and it was declared national monument in 1980.

Convento de la Encarnación (Boadilla del Monte)

You can neither miss the castles of the whole are, you can visit them few kilometers away of the capital. The Castle of Odón in Villaviciosa is one of the best preserved in the metropolitan area. We also highlight the Tower of Éboli in Pinto, known for being the prison of the princess of Éboli in 1579.

Finally, we find the Cerro de los Ángeles in Getafe. It is considered as the centre of the peninsula. Here you can enjoy and outdoors day, in a cultural environment and a week of festivals honoring the Virgin of the Angels that you cannot miss.

Cerro de los Ángeles

As you can see, there are many historic resources in the metropolitan area, and it would be very difficult to list all of them since the offering is varied and wide. These are only some examples that point that Madrid is not only the capital regarding history and culture, but also there are other things apart from museums and monuments in this area.

Nature in the Big City

Even at the risk of being repetitive... this is a beautiful area! Nature in its purest, and it can be enjoyed in many ways, which one is yours?

From the bird watching in the ZEPA area of Soto de Viñuelas in Tres Cantos or the ZEPA cortados and the ledges of the Manzanares and Jarama Rivers in many towns of the metropolitan area (Getafe, Mejorada del Campo, Pinto, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, San Fernando de Henares, Torrejón de Ardoz or Velilla de San Antonio), until having a relaxed afternoon in the Lake of the Park of the Castle in Parla. Or even visit the Lagoon of the Stream of the fresneda in Boadilla del Monte and enjoy the typical mountain of Madrid.

Practice hiking through the Park of Polvoranca and the Forest in Leganés. You have many sidewalks to discover the park without difficulties, achievable for all publics. You can also enjoy routes in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, located in the protected area of the Southeastern Regional Park.

Is it time for lunch?

Whenever you are hungry! The gastronomy of this area is typical from Castilla, with particular things in each village. Don't be afraid if you are hungry in the middle of your tour, you will find many places for all tastes that without a doubt will satisfy your appetite.

And if you take it seriously, you cannot miss the Gastronomy Days hosted in the region, for example the one in San Sebastián de los Reyes. San Sebastián de los Reyes is a reference place for gastronomy lovers, not only for the wide range of top quality restaurants, but also for the gastronomic initiatives that all over the year are organized in this municipality.

Let's Party!

If you want to enjoy the party of the metropolitan area, here are some advices. Find the best clubs in the area and do not miss the most recognized parties, from clubs until verbenas and pilgrimages.

Visit the clubs in Getafe, Alcobendas, Leganés, Villaviciosa de Odón... and you will not regret. The best music and the fashionable nightspots are just around the corner. And don't worry about the style, you will find the one you like most for sure.

And if you prefer the traditional festivals, then you are into pilgrimages and popular verbenas celebrated in almost all the villages of the metropolitan area. Such is the case of the festival in San Sebastián de los Reyes, declared of National Touristic Interest. Dances, parades, equestrian shows, fireworks, flower wreathes, amateur bullfights... constitute the celebration of this festival honoring the patron of the city.


In Móstoles there are two festivals of touristic regional interest: Easter and in September the festival honoring Our Lady of the Saints and San Simón of Rojas. Also, Easter in Torrejón de Ardoz is interesting, where you can watch the Baroque carvings of great value.


cc plaza norte 2

And shopping in the best shops and shopping malls is always welcome. On this area you will find from the most exclusive products until the most traditional ones and from the most general products until the most particular ones.

There are shopping malls in almost every municipality, beginning with the open shopping malls in the downtown streets like the ones in MajadahondaAlcobendas or Pozuelo de Alarcón. And this is followed by a great variety of shopping malls, like the Shopping Mall Plaza Norte 2 in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Moraleja Green in Alcobendas, Gran Plaza 2 in Majadahonda, Parque Oeste in Alcorcón, Parque Sur in Leganés or Las Rozas Village.

Moreover, there is a multitude of flea markets and traditional fairs where you can buy the most typical and characteristic artisanal products, where we highlight the Majadahonda market, which has been consolidated as one of the most important ones in the region of Madrid. The Cambalache Market in Coslada also stands out. The offering is as varied as your taste. So, why don't you give a whim?


Do not forget that practicing sports for those that enjoy it more than a hobby is a lifestyle. An athlete cannot stop practicing his favorite sport despite being on holidays. For the healthy life lovers the metropolitan area offers the best sport halls, stadiums, tracks and swimming pools... To sum up, you have the best available facilities for not missing your daily footing, basketball, tennis, swimming...

From the Sport Facilities of Majadahonda until the Sports Hall Dehesa de Navalcarbón of Las Rozas, you will find a sportive offering with great quality. Do not think about it and enjoy what Madrid and its surroundings can offer to you.