Turismo Madrid



In San Lorenzo de El Escorial  you can also taste authentic and traditional cuisine from the area. Snails, potato omelet and sausages will all be served as an appetizer. The popular and classical Cocido madrileño (chickpeas, meat and vegetables), corn and garlic soups, all sink their roots in the purest tradition of Castilian.

Plaza con terrazas

Moreover, among the latter, the calf originating from the Sierra de Guadarrama is served grilled, while lamb and pig is prepared in the oven. Bream and Cod are the favorite fish in the center. And finally for dessert, rosquillas de anís (special doughnuts from the area), cream canutes and shortcakes.

Enjoy this varied gastronomy, in many restaurants, bars, cafés and terraces that fill the streets and squares of the town.

If you wish to stay, San Lorenzo de El Escorial has rich and varied accommodations, such as hotels.