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Roman city of Complutum and House of Hippolytus


Roman city of Complutum. It was built next to the Henares River in the time of Augustus (1st century BC). The streets and infrastructures of the ancient Roman city of Complutum are the origin of the current World Heritage city of Alcalá de Henares. Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest of the Community of Madrid, the archaeological site can be visited.

House of the Grifos. Built in the Imperial Age of Augustus, this "domus" or manor house has a collection of Roman mural paintings considered the largest in the peninsula. It is still in the process of excavation, research and restoration.

House of Hippolytus. This building constructed at the end of the 3rd century was part of a large estate located on the outskirts of the city of Complutum. It was the Youth College and leisure center for young patricians, with a thermal area, swimming pools, gardens and a mausoleum dedicated to the memory of a local patrician family.  It highlights a mosaic with a fishing scene made by the master Hippolytus that gives its name to the house.

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Image credits: Mosaic of the Triclinium of the House of Bacchus. Roman city of Complutum © Museo Arqueológico Regional. Community of Madrid