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Corral de Comedias


Opened to the public in 1603 as a playhouse where plays of the Golden Age were performed, over the centuries it has been changing its use. In 2005 it was rehabilitated, returning it to its original use. Today it is one of the most attractive venues for classical Spanish theater. 

The Corral de Comedias of Alcalá de Henares has had different uses throughout its history: a playhouse since 1601, a roofed coliseum since 1769, a Romantic theater since 1831 and a movie theater from 1927 until 1980, the year in which the City Council recovered the property. 

After a long work of documentation and research, as well as subsequent restoration work, what is today one of the oldest Corrales de Comedias in Spain came to light.

Attending one of its classical theater performances is a unique experience. You can check its program by clicking here. However, if it does not coincide with the time of your visit, we recommend that you take one of the guided tours where you will be shown the stage machinery and artifacts that were used to change scenery and serve as what today would be "special effects".

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Image credits: Corral de Comedias © Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes. Community of Madrid