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Cervantes Square


Already during the Renaissance this space was an important spot of city life, since important celebrations such as the annual fair or even bullfights took place here.

In the center of the square is a statue dedicated to Cervantes, at the south end a bandstand, built in the late nineteenth century by the Lebrero foundry and the tower of the old church of Santa Maria la Mayor from where you can enjoy a good view of Alcala de Henares. You can also observe the baptismal font of Cervantes.

On the east side of the square, you will see the headquarters of the Círculo de Contribuyentes, created in 1893. On the west side are two institutions that have marked the history and culture of the city: The Town Hall and the Corral de Comedias, whose visit we recommend. 

The most common way to get to the Plaza Cervantes is from the Calle Mayor. During the Middle Ages, this curious arcaded street was the commercial center of the Jewish merchants. Today, under the arcades you will find small stores, cafes and bars. In this street you will also find the house-museum of Cervantes.

Leaving the Plaza along Pedro Gumiel Street, you will come to one of the outstanding monuments of Alcalá: the facade of the Cisneriana University, formerly the Colegio de San Ildefonso, which was founded in 1499 by Cardinal Cisneros. Today, it is the University of Alcalá. 

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Image credits: Plaza de Cervantes in Alcalá de Henares © 4Lens. Community of Madrid