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Colmenar de Oreja

Is there still something left to see? The answer to this question is always "Yes".

We recommend a walk along the trail Vereda del Cristo which goes from the hermitage Ermita del Cristo to the border with the province of Toledo near several gullies until you reach the Tajo River. At the end you'll find the Gully Vantage Point with the best views of the Tajo Valley and the first few villages in Toledo. And if you like greenways, there's the Train Route, a 14 kilometre trail that runs along the railway line that once connected Colmenar de Oreja and Chinchón to the city of Madrid, now part of the Tajuña Greenway. Finally, we recommend the Tajo Route, a 16 kilometre trail that follows all of the meanders of the winding Tajo course where you can discover the riverside vegetation and take a look at the remains of the Oreja castle.

We could spend an entire day talking about the wonders of this municipality but the best thing is for you to come and discover it for yourself.

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