Turismo Madrid

Colmenar de Oreja

After a morning in the Middle Ages, it's time to eat. Walk along Calle Mayor in the shade of the arcades. It's time to eat and enjoy the specialty dishes offered in Colmenar which are as timeless as its monuments.

Enjoy their patatas chulas (comfit potatoes in olive oil, dressed with garlic, parsley and a little vinegar) and pozas (a type of roll on white bread, the inside of which is replaced with onion, tomatoes and brine). You can also try pisto vaquero (made with the delicious local vegetables) or desarreglo (stewed veal with white wine, garlic and tomato sauce) which, along with roasted goat, monopolise most local restaurant menus. And, yes, the names are as interesting as the dishes are delicious.

Plus, if you're one of those who believe a sweet or some cheese is the best souvenir, don't forget to visit one of the many artisan shops. You can buy their famous goat cheese, or pelotas de fraile (a fried food in the form of a ball, with grated lemon and anise aroma). But if you like strong emotions, remember to try the typical limoncillo with an alcohol content of 24º and digestive properties.

As a village with a wine-making tradition, its history is linked to the vineyards, wineries and production of white, rosé, red and sparkling wines. The hundred-year-old wine caves excavated in rock are an undeniable tourist attraction. Learn more about the visits to the wineries in this link