Turismo Madrid

Colmenar de Oreja

The hearth of  the town is formed by its Plaza Mayor (Major Square), built on a cliff between1676 and 1794, and the Church of Santa María la Mayor.

Do not miss the Zacatín tunnel, located under the square, descending to the Cliff Fountain, of the 18th century. In this location you have a great sight from the Zacatín gardens.

A fantastic Plaza Mayor

There will be no need for words when you reach the Plaza Mayor (main square). You'll find yourself in a beautiful Castilian square built over a system of bridges and arches that lead to the Zacatín Stream, with buildings as emblematic as the Town Hall and the Casa del Pósito (a community granary). You'll probably even recognise it as it's appeared in several films and television series.

To the back are the Zacatín gardens where you can visit the Zacatín Bridge Arch which connects the villa to the outskirts. Sit down next to the Zacatín fountain, also known as the Barranco fountain, and enjoy the pleasant terrace-filled gardens that will take you back to the 16th century.

If you feel like walking, you can visit the hermitage Ermita del Cristo del Humilladero. This building, which is 600 m from the Plaza Mayor, houses an image of the villa's patron saint. The hermitage is surrounded by magnificent gardens that invite you to take a walk and rest a bit, something you'll be grateful for at this point.

Colmenar is a monumental site in and of itself with, for example, the church of Santa María la Mayor which never goes unnoticed due to its imposing fortress-like aura. This temple was built by the Order of Santiago in the 13th century.

Do you know who Ulpiano Checa is? Go inside to contemplate the mural paintings he made and feel as though you're a VIP visitor in a private museum, surrounded by some of the best wall art from the 19th century.