Turismo Madrid



It's time to look for a restaurant and enjoy a typical Spanish meal.

Roasted on a wood-fired oven, lamb, pig or kid occupy a privileged place in the majority of their restaurants, but we cannot forget traditional dishes such as garlic soup, stew, vigilia stew and the fricassee. These traditional products will delight those seeking a timeless cuisine.

We must give special mention to garlic, which is one of very special flavor, and and garden products: beans, peas, artichokes, chard, chinchonera beans .Do not forget sheep cheese. November is a good time of the year to enjoy the culinary virtues of the villa, where the Ruta de la Tapa.

But if there is a product that has provided unique fame for Chinchon, that is Aniseed. It's an ancient tradition, By the18th century the virtues of this liquor were well known, to which the grain gives it its characteristic flavor. There are four types to be prepared: sweet, 35 degrees; dry, aged between 40 and 50 degrees; extra-dry, between 50 and 55 degrees, and seventy-fourth special, dry. All of them are guaranteed by the geographical name of Chinchon, unique in Spain. But beware, it is delicious as intoxicating!

And as a recommendation, do not miss the oil and wine, these last ones made from garnacha grapes, which are included within the designation of origin wines of Madrid. Bon Appetit!

To sleep!

At this point you'll be exhausted and looking forward to relax on a soft bed. Don't worry, in Chinchon we know how to properly welcome our visitors, therefore, we have a first-rate hotel offer. Between apartments, inns, lodgings, you will feel that all is at your disposal so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy.


Image credits: ©Hugo Fernández. Region of Madrid