Turismo Madrid


Each year, thousands of visitors come to soak up its history, culture, gastronomy, legacy and one-of-a-kind landscapes. Join us on a short tour of the palaces, gardens and other monuments. 

The most famous is the Royal Palace, the origins of which date back to the year 1561 when Philip II commissioned its construction. The great Plaza de Armas (Parade Square) is located in front of the palace and is reserved for parades and ceremonies held by the Spanish monarchs at their spring residence.

The façade features three stone statues representing the three kings under whom the palace was built: Philip II, Philip V and Ferdinand V. There are also two memorial stones with Latin inscriptions indicating the kings they are dedicated to.

The inside of the palace houses several works of art: paintings, antique furniture, clock collections, lamps and sculptures. Pay careful attention to the Sala de Porcelana (Porcelain Room), which was finished under Charles III, as it is a real palatial masterpiece.

There are also other civil palaces in Aranjuez such as the Godoy and Osuna Palaces, the first of which is famous because it was the place where the Mutiny of Aranjuez began. Also worth visiting are the Silvela and María Cristina palaces.