Turismo Madrid


From November 12 to 14

Location: Palacio de Cibeles

Did you know that there is an international fair dedicated to chocolate? Well, yes, an event for the most chocoholics that will take place from November 12 to 14, 2021 at the Palacio de Cibeles. 

This new edition of Chocomad will show more than 50 places where you can enjoy the best chocolates, cocoa from Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras or Dominican Republic. You can find them on the Chocolate Map of Madrid, where you will find the tasting program. 

This commemorates the 500 years that cocoa has been in Madrid. Although undoubtedly the most interesting part of the show are the tastings, where you can learn and taste the best chocolates in the world or know the bean to bar, or the transformation of the cocoa fruit to become the delicious chocolate we all know. 

This activity is perfect to do with the family, and also see up close some of the best known chocolates, not only for its master chocolatier, but for its exquisite taste of real cocoa as Chocolates la Colonial de Eureka by Justo Almendrote or Almudena Alberca MW, the only woman Master Of Wine in Spain, representing the Bodegas Palacio Group. 

And many other scheduled activities such as showcookings; the children's space, to teach the little ones to know and enjoy chocolate; the great chocolate forum with a series of conferences with experts from around the world, where they will talk about the transformation of cocoa into the best chocolates ... and much more that you should not miss.  

While you wait for the most delicious event you can access the online tasting program and get to know the sweetest places in Madrid. Don't miss this opportunity! 


More information: Salón Internacional Chocomad

Image credits: ©Ivan_Kislitsin-Shutterstock