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Lugar: National Museum of Decorative Arts

At the National Museum of Decorative Arts you can visit the exhibition "Peninsulares," a sample of textile works by Spanish and Portuguese artists that highlights this particular art made in the Iberian Peninsula.

The exhibition is part of the Second Iberian Encounters of Contemporary Textile Art. It gathers the works of up to ten textile artists, such as Maribel Binimelis, Hugo Brazão, Amparo de la Sota, or Rosa Godinho.

This exhibition is commissioned by Cláudia Melo and Lala de Dios and shows the creative potential that textiles acquire in the hands of these artists. On display are works such as tapestries, soft sculptures or more everyday items, which express different subjectivities when it comes to approaching the craft.

The exhibition thus combines Spanish and Portuguese cultures and aims to serve as a meeting point for fashion, design and handicraft enthusiasts. In the same way, it enables artistic dialogue in the sector and shows the different textile techniques and new trends in their designs.

It can be visited free of charge until November 14. It is closed on Mondays.


More information: "Peninsulares"

Image credits: María Jesús Manzanares © National Museum of Decorative Arts