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Good Governance. Sandra Gamarra Heshiki

Good Governance. Sandra Gamarra Heshiki

Location: Sala Alcalá 31

The exhibition "Buen Gobierno. Sandra Gamarra Heshiki" arrives in Madrid at Sala Alcalá 31, the critical look of one of the most important Latin American creators. Sandra Gamarra, an artist with Peruvian and Spanish nationality born in Lima, currently divides her work between these two capitals. 

With "Buen Gobierno" (good government), she intends to delve into the history of Cuba and Spain and the ties that unite them. It is a harsh criticism of colonialism and the neocolonial characterstill present in Spanish society according to Gamarra, with respect to the vast majority of Latin American cultures. 

In fact, the title of the exhibition is taken from the manuscript "First Chronicle and Good Government" signed by the Peruvian chronicler Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala in 1615. In it, he asks king of Spain, Felipe III, for a reform in the government to save the Peruvian people from exploitation, disease and the total disappearance of their culture.

His work uses different mechanisms or artistic branches to reflect on reality. Topics such as race, gender, the power of nature, how each culture tells history in a different way or how Westerners conquered other civilizations and then exhibited pieces of their heritage in their museums. The aim is to propose new forms of coexistence between cultures.

The exhibition features paintings dating from the 18th century, but also works by contemporary artists. It will be open until January 16, 2022. Admission is free.

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Image credits: Buen Gobierno. Sandra Gamarra Heshiki © Comunidad de Madrid