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Litany of Madrid

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art

The exhibition of the artist collective LibroZ de MadriZ will remain open until the end of April 2021, at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

LibroZ de MadriZ was founded in 2012 by several authors with the aim of creating small-sized, handcrafted artist's works. All books are unique, as no copies of any of them are made. Every book is produced with the work and manual touch and creativity of each author. 

Since the foundation of LibroZ de MadriZ, at least four titles have been added to the collection every year, one by each member of the group. The artists have total creative freedom, although always focused on views of Madrid, and so far they have formed a collection of more than 42 titles, including some by guest artists.

The interior of the books are characterized by forming a single zigzag spread, alluding to the Z of MadriZ. Techniques are shown in the form of collage, etchings, stencils, photo-positives, digital prints or mixed media on canson paper, to which an artist's text is sometimes added. 

Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of this portable museum that displays its charm with criterion, taste and quality. Do not hesitate and visit it!


More information: Museum of Contemporary Art.

Image credits: Letanía_de_Madrid©Ayuntamiento_de_Madrid.