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Perez Villalta

Pérez Villalta. “Art as a labyrinth"

Location: Sala Alcalá 31

At the Sala Alcalá 31, during February 18 and until April 25 enjoy a free guided tour through the exhibition of the artist Pérez Villalta. "Guillermo Pérez Villalta. Art as a labyrinth" is a journey that forces the viewer to get lost among the works of the author, in an unconventional way. Through a labyrinth built in the room, visitors can learn about the works of Pérez Villalta without a linear route. 

This exhibition is based on the geometric analysis made by the author of the floor plan of the Antonio Palacios building. Based on this study, he built a labyrinth full of walls, breaks and walls in which to capture his art. 

The artist exhibits in this unusual recreation more than a hundred of his own works, an example of everything he does in his facet of "artificer" which is how he likes to call himself. Do not miss the opportunity to get lost in "Art as a labyrinth".

More information: Pérez Villalta. "Art as a labyrinth".

Image credits:  ©GuillermoPerezVillalta