Turismo Madrid


Delicatessen products, regional products of Madrid and other Spanish regions, sometimes hard to find. Here you will find some shops where you could find or taste this kin d of products.

One of the most famous shops is De Sybaris, offering exclusively ham, iberian sausages, cheese, olive oil, foie, caviar, truffie and preserves.

Cuenllas offers iberian sausages and preserves apart from legumes, pasta and rice. And also almost 1.000 kinf of wines.

Exquisite wines, French cheese and quality meat we find in Gold Gourmet along with exhotic fruits, and vegetables.

For bird lovers, pularda, capon, poussin and many game species (quail, partridges and pigeons among others) are in Higinio Ortiz in Magallanes Street.

Petra Mora, an attractive mini-market we can buy vegetables and fish preserves, meat from Zamora and Galicia, oild, wine, flour... However, if we are looking for seafood or offal your destination is Anton Martín market

Finally, the finest iberian sausages, cheeses, foie gras, smoked and cured meats, wines and even champagnes, we will find in the General Pardiñas in Gourmet Ibérica. Here, apart from the sale of food, we can perform tests on the art of cutting ham.