Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid.

What is a tourist card?

It´s a card based on smart chip technology which allows the cardholder free access to a wide range of cultural and leisure activities inside a certain city or tourist area (depending on each city: museums, monuments, churches palaces, guided tours, public transport services, tourist bus, etc) inside a set period of time. Benefit as well from important discounts in different shops such as hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment shows, etc: our aim is to guarantee access by booking all the different services in advance and use them according to your preferences.

The cards include a comprehensive tourist guide book in different languages and a city map, in which you will find all the establishments that are included and all the information needed for planning your trip and move around the city: opening times, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Which are our partners?

Neoturismo manages and sells the main tourist cards of Spain, in partnership with different local organizations such as councils, tourism boards, etc.

Tourist cards are official city products which guarantee the highest-quality service.

Which are the main advantages of a tourist card?

  • Save money

Do your math and you will find out that it is cheaper to use a tourist card than buying all the tickets seprately. Plan your stay, find out how much you will save: it is not necessary to visit everything all at once. The more you use it, the more you save! Remember that the card is valid for visiting all the museums and monuments as well as the use of public transport and different services.

You will keep on saving money with the discounts in recommended establishments (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.).

  • Save time

Don´t waste time and skip the queues in museums thanks to our “Priority Access”.

  • Admission guaranteed

When you buy a card, you are booking tickets in advance, therefore guaranteeing admittance. Secure your visit with a tourist card!

How do I use the tourist card?

Easy to use: tickets are already paid for so just enjoy!

  1. The card is personal and non-transferable by writing your name on it.
  2. They activate with the first service used.
  3. Valid for a limited time period, depending on type of card.
  4. Activation

The card activates itself when it’s used for the first time in one of the establishments listed as “free entry”, not at the time of purchase. The card can be bought in advance and be used later on: the card doesn’t expire or invalidate before your trip.


Once you visit one of the attractions listed as “free entry”, the personnel of the establishment will validate your card, registering the date. From then on your card can be used until its expiry date. Remember: the card is valid only for consecutive periods of time.

Once the card has expired, it can no longer be used. For example: a 24-hour card activated at 1:45 pm on a Monday will be operational until 1:45pm on Tuesday.

Museums and attractions listed as free entry

Not all cards have the same characteristics or participating establishments. Please ensure that the one purchased suits your requirements.

Cardholders can visit the museums, monuments and other attractions a single time. Generally, the cardholder is allowed into permanent exhibitions but temporary exhibits are not always included as part of the free entry.

All pertinent information can be found on the guide that is included when you purchase your card or through each of the card´s websites.

Where can I buy them?

Purchase your card through our website or at different sales points which are located at your destination.

We advise our customers purchasing on-line in advance as it guarantees availability and, hence the trip is secured as well. You can be treated to a special discount as well, so check for labeled discounts.

Collect at destination or home delivery

Once purchased, a voucher is issued so it can be exchanged at one of the different collection points at your destination. For your own convenience, our collection points are strategically placed at airports, train stations, tourism offices, etc

Sometimes we offer you the possibility of sending the cards to your home address. This allows you to check the guide that goes with the card to plan your trip before you arrive at your destination.