Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Popular races in the Region of Madrid

Among your purposes for this year, you may find yourself getting in shape by running with a half marathon or a full marathon, something that has become very fashionable lately. As we have to prepare with time, we will advance you some of the great dates that have already confirmed their dates. Choose yours!

After the summer break, we picked up our activity strongly to attend two tests during the month of September. On the one hand, the 17th, will take place the 'Triatlón de Pedrezuela'. A test open to all kind of athletes, federated or not, from the category 'cadet', where you can test yourself with different activities: 750 m. of swimming (one lap), 19 km. of cycling entirely by asphalt (2 laps plus 2,5 km) and 5 km on foot, urban route through the centre of the locality.

And on the other hand, on 24th September, the long distance triathlon 'Challenge Madrid'. For the first time in our country, you will be able to participate in this sporting event, in spite of the hardness of the race, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery through which it will pass. You can sign up for teams and even with your own family. Do you want to know more? Sign up now and starts training.

The 16th October we will be able to enjoy the 'XXXVI Carrera de la Ciencia', which, with starting point and finish line at the CSIC headquarters, in 117 Serrano Street, will tour 10 kilometres along the most spectacular streets of Madrid.

Finally, on 31st December, and as it could not be otherwise, will take place the traditional 'San Silvestre Vallecana'. A combination of sport and party to dismiss the year that will consist of two editions: popular and international. A unique experience, not to be missed!