Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Winter essential exhibitions

With the new season, there are also new exhibitions. In the list that you will find below, we propose some of the most interesting ones. Let's get started!

Humberto Rivas. Creator of images

Explore the work of Humberto Rivas, one of the essential protagonists in the development of photography in our country, through the exhibition, which is hosted by the Fundación MAPFRE Bárbara de Braganza Exhibition Hall in Madrid until 5 January 2019, which exhibits works by the protagonist, from the 1960s to 2005. 

Descubrimientos Millares, 1959-1972
The National Calcography, which forms part of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, proposes this free exhibition until 5 January, which, curated by Alfonso de la Torre, covers the work of Manolo Millares Sall (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1926 - Madrid, 1972), in which we will learn about his interest throughout his career in engraving and graphic techniques in general. 

Jeanne Tripier. Creation and Delirium
The halls D and E of La Casa Encendida are hosting this exhibition until 5 January, around the works of the artist, unknown in our country, Jeanne Tripier. The exhibition is part of a line of research that has been open for ten years in this cultural centre, which aims to reflect an approach to the creative relationships and drives of artists, described from different points of view as marginal, and the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century. 

An Approach to Afal. The Autric-Tamayo Donation
Room 430 of the Sabatini building of the Reina Sofía Museo is hosting this exhibition until 7 January, which is based on the donation of the Autric-Tamayo family to the photographic collection of the Madrid art gallery, and presents the work of 13 authors from different parts of Spain who coincided for two decades in Almería. 

Sorolla. Un jardín para pintar
Through this exhibition consisting of a selection of oils, drawings, sculptures, tiles and photographs, which can be visited until 20 January 2019, we will learn how the painter conceived his artist's garden as a space for beauty, sensory delight and pictorial creation. 

Querer parecer noche
The Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, located in the Madrid town of Móstoles, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and among the different proposed celebrations is this exhibition, which until 27 January, brings together different forms of artistic production in Madrid to imagine a darkness with them. 

Beckmann. Exile Figures
From 25th October to 27th January 2019 the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is devoting a monographic exhibition to Max Beckmann, one of the most outstanding German artists of the 20th century. Curated by Tomàs Llorens, the exhibition brings together more than fifty works, including paintings, lithographs and sculptures. 

Bartolomé Bermejo
We are now going to the Prado Museo, to get to know more closely, through a series of paintings from Spanish, European and American museums, the master from Córdoba, Bartolomé Bermejo, one of the most fascinating personalities in the artistic panorama of the second half of the 15th century. You have time until 27 January 2019. 

Nosotros, robots
The Espacio Fundación Telefónica invites us to reflect on the challenges facing the humanity in the face of the unstoppable development of these machines, and on the possibilities they offer for transforming the future. The exhibition is also accompanied by a programme of free workshops. The exhibition can be seen from 5 October to 3 February 2019, and guided tours are available. 

Leonardo da Vinci: los rostros del genio
Next month of November the National Library of Spain will host this exhibition, on the occasion of the V centenary of the death of the Italian polymath. Until 19 May 2019, the gallery will show images, infographics, interactive, audiovisual elements and virtual or augmented reality, and will present the many facets, dreams, achievements and failures of the Renaissance genius. You can also see the codices Madrid I and Madrid II, two invaluable manuscripts in which Da Vinci left his mark on some of the themes he mastered. 


Image credits: Sorolla House Garden, h.1918-1919. Sorolla Museum, inv. 1237, (detail).