Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Everyone to the ‘Circus’ in Madrid

Relive the charm of the circus through the different shows for all audiences, which will take place during the next few months in Madrid. The new premiere of Circo del Sol, the illusionism of Mago Pop, the Christmas performances of Circo Price, and the Circo Mágico or the initiation to this world of 'Baby Circus'. Come in and discover the magic of the circus!

The past November 10th the Cirque du Soleil once again shone brightly with the premiere of its new show 'Totem'. It is a fascinating journey of the human species, from its original amphibious state to the ultimate desire to fly, with an incredible staging through spectacular circus techniques and screenings recorded in different parts of the world that will allow the audience to change the stage continuously. Don't miss this show that will take place at the Puerta del Ángel Stage until January 14,2018. 

Antonio Díaz, better known as 'El Mago Pop', returns to Teatro Rialto to surprise us with his new magic and illusion show 'Nada es imposible'. A real journey through the extraordinary, full of amazement, fun, sensibility, surprises, rhythm and much more, that you will be able to see until January 14,2018. If you haven't seen it live yet, don't miss this opportunity. 

A classic every year, they are the shows for all audiences offered by Circo Price. This year, and in view of Christmas, it surprises us with 'Los viajes de Marco y Pili', from 1st December to 7th January 2018. The performance takes place in a classroom, where the protagonists, through their imagination, will take us on a journey through deserts, East markets and even maritime cities, thanks to the brilliant performance of international circus artists. 

From 6 December to 28 January 2018, and from the creators of the Circo de Hielo, the 'Circo Mágico' arrives at Ifema, a place where, as the Great Book of Wisdom tells it, 'the impossible will be possible and anything you can imagine and dream will become a reality'. A Magic Tree will explain how the first Great Magician came from the stars to stay in our world, and together with him, fairies, buffoons, fauns and fantastic characters will transport the attendees to the wonderful world of magic. 

Finally, at the Galileo Theatre, babies and children from 1 to 3 years of age will be the protagonists, as the show 'Baby Circus' is directed to them. A first contact of the little ones of the house with the magic world of the circus through the star of the show, Tina, who will surprise with juggling, magic, animation of puppets and giant bubbles. 

With options for all tastes, come to the circus in Madrid, we are waiting for you!

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Título : High Bars Carapace (3)- Totem- Cirque du Soleil
Crédito de imágenes : OSA Images
Crédito de vestuario : Kym Barrett ©2010 Cirque du Soleil