Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Madrid Guide 5D App

Our free interactive app 'Guía Madrid 5D' is now available for all platforms. Download it already to your portable device, smartphone or tablet, and discover the main tourist attractions in the Region of Madrid in a viasual and dynamic way. The application adds to the three spatial dimensions and time of our reality, a fifth dimension: The emotional one. Doowndload it now and enjoy our Region like you had never done before!

An essential guide before, during and after your trip.  “Guía Madrid 5D”  is the first interactive tourist application that will go with you as you visit  the Region of Madrid, to help you discover its heritage in a visual and dynamic way, through its self-guided tours, 360° images or geo-location functionalities, among other features. One of its advantages is that it allows you to download the contents of your interest to use them offline.

5D experience

Madrid 5D is a 100% visual guide that provides interesting content by means of 700 multimedia files, featuring 2500 high-quality images, 800 attractions  and 140 panoramic 360° images, with which you can explore outdoors and indoor as if you were right in the place. Such is the case of squares in several municipalities, but also of the interior of outstanding museums and monuments, such as the rooms of the Ulpiano Checa Museum in Colmenar de Oreja with its magnificent paintings and sculptures.

Furthermore, as you move along  - thanks to AR (augmented reality) and geo-location- superimposed information about places you focus with your device will be displayed.

Three ways to navigate

The app also features user-friendly smart maps of the region, that will enable you to quickly and easily access virtual guided tours. You can choose how to follow these tours, there are three options:  

>"Guided tour". Through the proposed routes you'll be able to discover a municipality or follow a route.

>"At your leisure", in which starting from a suggested route you can make changes in the itinerary.

>"Point to Point", in which you can choose the items of your interest out of those suggested in a comprehensive database.


“Guía Madrid 5D” currently includes the three World Heritage sites in Madrid (Alcala de Henares, Aranjuez and San Lorenzo de El Escorial), the six  towns participating in the "Villas de Madrid” program and the wine and wineries route “Madrid Wine Routes”, as well as castles, archaeological sites and nature trails, among many other.  In addition, you can search by municipality or locate the tourist offices in the region.

Download it now from Apple Store or Google Play and take the Region of Madrid with you!


More information: Guía Madrid 5D