Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. The Musical Shows in Madrid

Madrid can boast a varied and complete musical agenda, from big productions to Broadway style, to colourful Disney factory shows, stories inspired by famous films that have made the leap to the stage, famous television sagas, counted in key rhythm.

The offer is very wide and varied, and we are going to start with the smaller ones, who can not miss the work that continues on the billboard with a continued success, The Lion King, at the Lope de Vega Theatre in Gran Via. People all over the world have enjoyed this show and it's reason enough to visit Madrid and savour it live. Beating record of permanence, in its sixth season of representation. 

We travel to the centennial Calderón Theatre, which offers a varied selection during the next few weeks. Until the end of August we have a date with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson-I want u back, who recreates the songs and choreographies of this universal artist. We continue in the Calderón, moving to the beginning of October to meet the eccentric and terrifying Adams Family, who welcome us in their gloomy mansion to sing the loves of their daughter Wednesday, and the delirious situations that this entails. 

In the Lara Theater, in the Lola Membrives hall and until the third week of September, lovers of Spanish music will enjoy with the company Saltantes Teatro, which presents Gigantes. A show that pays homage to Spanish folklore, from the perspective of the best singers of the copla, and the lifelong songs, that have passed generations. Changing to the Sala Candido Lara, we have La Llamada, an original musical, different, divine and human. Hurry up if you don't want to miss it, since at the end of August the performances end after three years in the billboard. 

In the space enabled in the Príncipe Pío station, stands the Gran Teatro Bankia, which in two unique performances on 29th September and 15th October, staged the musical Punto de Partida-Por ti Rocío, as a tribute to the singer, in which Inés León, explore the best of her repertoire. 

We are in luck, as one of the spaces with the most musical tradition, reopened its doors a few months ago, the great banquet hall Florida Retiro. Under the mentoring of the theatre group Yllana, Pandora Nights, it's a show of varieties, pleasant, with rhythm and humour, that is represented at the same time that we can taste a dinner of author, of the recognized chef Joaquin Felipe. 

In one of the theatres par excellence of Madrid, the Nuevo Apolo, everyday objects become instruments of the hand of TOOMPAK, which floods us with rhythm and frenetic sound. Make to see, it sure surprises you. http://www.summummusic.com/

At the end of September is produced one of the season premieres, El Guardaespaldas, el Musical (The Bodyguard), under the recovered Coliseum Theatre. After the success of the best theatres around the world, finally arrives in Madrid this famous story, based on the film of the same name, which incorporates the best songs of the diva, Witney Houston, protagonist of the film and on which it is based this love story. 

In the impressive venue of the Congress Palace in Madrid, in Campo de las Naciones, and only in the third week of September, the great Argentine quintet, Les Luthiers, visits us to present us his anthology, ¡Chist! The followers of this famous group, recent Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 2017, have the opportunity to attend an almost obligatory date. 

The story of the boy who wanted to be a dancer, Billy Elliot, arrives in Madrid in October after triumphing in London and Broadway. The venue that hosts this musical show, which has already seen more than ten million people in the world, is the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá. Dancing and music go hand-in-hand in this careful production, to be one of the shows of the season. 

If musical shows are your passion, enjoy this unique offer.