Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. XXXV Autumn to Spring Festival

Until 21 April 2018, the Autumn-Spring Festival of the Region of Madrid will tour the venues of the capital to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Eleven theatre, dance and performance shows of ten different nationalities will invite the public to establish new relationships with the theatre. Here we go!

The playwright and Argentine director Mauricio Kartun will be in charge for opening this XXXV Festival de Otoño a Primavera (Autumn to Spring Festival) with the performance, for the first time in Madrid, of 'Terrenal.Pequeño misterio Ácrata', a show considered one of the greatest phenomena of the independent scene in Buenos Aires. 

This annual cultural event has become one of the most important theatrical events on the international scene. Artists of recognised prestige and essential young people from the contemporary scene will participate on a line-up, which under the slogan 'Una ventana a lo extraordinario' (A window to the extraordinary), will be full of contrasts because alongside established masters such as Kartun, we can see other veteran companies such as Chapitô, and even creators of revolutionary character such as Vincent Macaigne or Mårten Spångberg.

The representation of the Spanish scene will be performed by Sara Molina, one of the mothers of the avant-garde, who returns to the stage again, and La Joven Compañía, a successful project for and by young artists.

The programme includes a total of eleven shows of ten nationalities -Argentina, Sweden, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and Spain-, whose pieces speak of the meaning of art and claim its necessity.

The performances will be shown in five venues in the capital: Teatro de La Abadía, La Casa Encendida, the Sala Cuarta Pared, El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze and the Teatros del Canal. In this link you will find the programme of this festival, which next year will return to its origins becoming the 'Festival de Otoño' (Autumn Festival).

Don't miss this edition of the festival that, directed by Carlos Aladro, will be full of extraordinary characters, stories and artists.

More info: XXXV Festival de Otoño a Primavera