Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Otra mirada: Sharon Core y Laura Letinsky

The Museum of Romanticism is hosting 'Otra mirada: Sharon Core y Laura Letinsky' until 22nd September. The exhibition, which is free of charge, brings together the work of these two photographers and presents a contemporary vision that questions the limits of painting, photography and new media.

Within the framework of the PHotoESPAÑA 2019 Festival, and as we mentioned before, the exhibition 'Otra mirada: Sharon Core y Laura Letinsky', which is included in the programme ¿Déjà Vu? curated by Susan Bright, will be open until 22nd September. 

Through a selection of eleven photographs by Sharon Core and Laura Letinsky, based on knowledge of Art History and classical and contemporary culture, is posed a sophisticated questioning of the photographic medium and still life as a genre.

In the work of Sharon Core, an artist born in New Orleans, we find works whose source of inspiration are the images she finds on the Internet or in art books. An idea, that invites to reflect on the role of photography in the understanding and visualization of painting, since there is no direct knowledge of the original work of art.

The work of Laura Letinsky, a Canadian artist born in Winnipeg, is considered still life, but in this case its source of inspiration is cuttings from trend magazines, advertising or art, which mixes with objects and reproductions. Letinsky wants the spectator to reflect on how we see and experience objects.

More info: Otra mirada: Sharon Core y Laura Letinsky 

Image credits: Press PHE. Laura Letinksy, Untitled #49 (from the series Ill Form and Void Full) 2013 © Laura Letinsky