Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Guía Semana Santa 2019

The Region of Madrid is preparing another year more to live the Holy Week from 14 to 21 April. Locals and tourists, go out to the street to meet the brotherhoods that run the streets of the region. But along with the processions, there is also the possibility of enjoying cycles of sacred music, living passions and much more. Discover in our guide all the programming and plan your visit!

Each town lives in a special way these dates, which will begin next April 12 with the Friday of Pain, but in each and every one of them is lived with great fervour and feeling, so we suggest you consult this guide to know what you can find in your visit.

We begin with the route of living passions, something we recommend you to see at least once in your life, as places like Belmonte de Tajo, Brunete, Carabaña, Chinchón, Daganzo de Arriba, Morata de Tajuña, Valdilecha and Villarejo de Salvanés, transform for a few days its historic centre in Jerusalem and represent various scenes of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. 

In addition, until the 5th of May you will be able to learn more about these passions thanks to the exhibition hosted by Casa Tercia in Villarejo de Salvanés 'Tierra de Pasiones: Un recorrido por las Pasiones Vivientes de la Comunidad de Madrid'. 

But during these days and until Easter Sunday, you will also be able to witness solemn processions, in which the brotherhoods parade accompanied by religious images of extraordinary beauty, liturgical acts, solemn Stations of the Cross, exhibitions and concerts of sacred music in emblematic places.

We also encourage you to taste the typical gastronomy of Madrid during the Holy Week but with a traditional touch, such as the 'hornazo' or the famous and delicious 'torrijas'. 

Don't wait more, download here the guide and stay in the Region of Madrid to live Easter with us!