Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Visit to a 'Posada Romana' (Roman Inn)

The ecomuseum concept is highlighted by the archaeological site of El Beneficio-Miaccum, which is closely connected to the terrain and its morphology (probably stone mining). The result of this archaeological work, leads us to discover a unique Roman Inn, which we can now visit and evoke in it, scenes and stories of the Roman past of our mountain range.

In 2003 the first remains of the Inn appeared, and from the first moment the simplicity of its quadrangular construction and above all the functionality of all its rooms, composed of a thermal area or baths, a kitchen, a dining room and several bedrooms, which are far from the idea of Rome and its splendor.

This resting place in the transit of the Madrid Mountain Range is part of a site (the Beneficio-Miaccum) of great historical heritage value, in which various institutions participate as research projects, such as the Rey Juan Carlos University, the Community of Madrid and the Collado Mediano City Council.

The place as a museum is the concept that can be admired in this visit (ecomuseum), for all those who admire archaeology and science to find out our past and the history associated with the flow of civilizations and their legacy. In this case also the value related to the natural environment acquires a new dimension that deserves to be visited.

The visit journey begins in the Interpretation Centre, which offers information about the Roman roads, with information panels about the building's construction, the rooms and other information of interest.

Visits are from Monday to Saturday, upon request, since the spaces are closed if there is no organized visit.

More info: El Beneficio-Miaccum

Image credits: ©Collado Mediano