Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. I love LEGO

The LEGO world can be visited in Madrid until February 24, in the Patio Andaluz of the Gaviria Palace. A unique opportunity for miniature construction lovers, six worlds recreated with more than a million pieces, to the delight of all audiences, children and adults.

Produced and organized by Arthemisia España, in collaboration with the company RomaBrick, the exhibition in which from architects to engineers participate to recreate and build the most complex scenarios, as if it were a real life construction. A whole collection of pieces and modules, in which even the most insignificant details are designed through conventional tools of digital architectural design and civil works.

The production, as it could not be otherwise, given the complexity of the designs, is extremely careful and the staging, reveals a real world to scale, full of details, which denotes the great teamwork behind each creation.

The world's most elaborate buildings are on display in this show, from a castle inspired by the TV series Game of Thrones, to scenes of incredible realism inspired by World War II Imperial Forums, and a modern city with its skyscrapers, historic centre, train station and recreation areas.

An entire work of engineering and architectural skill, which can be admired in this exhibition, thanks to the assembly of thousands of pieces and forms of this unique construction set.

More info: https://legomadrid.com


Image credits: ©Lego Madrid