Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Gastrofestival 2018

We have a good reason to start the year enjoying the senses, with the ninth edition of the Gastrofestival, which brings together a very complete program of culinary experiences, seasoned with art, cinema, literature, fashion, and that takes place from January 20 to February 4, in the numerous participating establishments.

Throughout the Region of Madrid, in the different Gastronomic Routes we can find some of the 465 establishments participating in this 2018 edition, from restaurants, markets, wine cellars, shops, museums, concert halls, art galleries and cultural centres with a more than interesting agenda around gastronomy, the customs and the tradition of cooking.

The activities are very varied, entertaining and illustrative, in which the sensory experiences acquire a new dimension, mixing flavours, smells, colours that allow children and adults to share and learn the art of cooking. Special menus, tapas a la carte in the "degustatapas" section, our favourite bars from the hand of a Rioja wine, 4-hand dinners, cooking schools, specialty shops, the art of cocktails, the incredible greedy route, a stroll along the Colombian coffee route, the purely Spanish and world cuisine, a special breakfast in..., the pleasure between bread, the gastrobocatas, or the priceless for foodies, are some of the proposals within Madrid Gastronómico.

In the Gastrocultural section, the cuisine and the culture go hand in hand, a walk through painting, literature, music, cinema and of course literature with specialized contents. We can visit among others the Círculo de Bellas Artes, the Cultural Centre Conde Duque or the Casa del Libro, in which there are developed events and conferences of culinary motifs.

Food is health, this is a principle that we must learn, so we must take care of what we eat and find the right balance. The Fundación Española del Corazón (Spanish Heart Foundation) recommends a series of heart-healthy establishments that we should know in the section on Gastrosalud.

Gastrofashion, in short, the cuisine is creation, like the world of fashion and design, so that the talent joins forces in participating establishments to taste surprising snacks and design menus.

The complement of a good meal is of course the wine, and in that we have a lot to say and taste, Enocultura as it could not be otherwise, is present during these days to find the perfect marriage in every opportunity that we have to taste a good dish.

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