Turismo Madrid

Turismo Madrid. Matadero: La Plaza en Verano

During the month of August, you have a date the weekends in Matadero Madrid, which once again presents us an authentic leisure program full of music: 'La Plaza en Verano'. This new edition coincides with the tenth anniversary of Matadero Madrid and to celebrate it in style, will feature the presence of luxury artists. Discover the agenda with us!

The past 28th July started the new edition of 'La Plaza en Verano', a cultural event that has already become a classic in the capital. With a program halfway between the popular neighbourhood festivals and music festivals, this contest proposes us to enjoy the summer nights with concerts, performances and outdoor dances. 

On the one hand, it brings together young curators and creators of the local and national 'underground' scene, and on the other, through a open call, offers a space of opportunity to experiment with new cultural production practices in the public space, which this year translates into 'VIVAC'.

VIVAC is simply that rough sleeping and contemplating and listening to the own night. This activity will take place on Fridays, and thanks to the selection made by the groups PLAYdramaturgia and Elgatoconmoscas, you can be the spectator of the projects: : 'El significado de soñar con un ciprés' (The meaning of dreaming with a cypress) of Avel; 'PLAZAERRORVERANOHVMANO' for Error Humano; 'Parkineo' by Andrea González and Paula García; and finally 'Discoland' by Miss Sasa Yagüe and Miss Victoria Falls.

On Saturdays, different curators will present a variety of proposals. So Clara Collantes will present 'Las canciones son para el verano' (The songs are for the summer), Sonsoles Rodríguez and Gema Melgar 'Invierno, una propuesta que se desarrolla en verano' (Winter, a proposal that is developed in summer), Sara Brito/Chico-Trópico 'Romalce, un festivalín-happening de canción romántica mal', and Lucía Lijtmaer will present 'Matadero s/n'.

The closing of the event will take place on 26th August and will be in charge, as well as the inauguration, of the Grupal Crew Collective that will organize for the occasion the 3rd edition of the farewell ball of the Plaza 'Matadero Dance Clash 3', announcing the end of the summer.

The program, free of charge, will take place every Friday and Saturday from 8pm until 26th August. 

More info: La Plaza en Verano 2017