Turismo Madrid

  • American tours in the region of Madrid


    The influence of America in Madrid is now visible through three routes that reveal the traces left by the discovery of the American continent in our region.
  • Exclusive gastronomic experiences


    Our region accumulates an ever-growing list of Unique Experiences; on this occasion we propose a list of experiences for the palate, not to be missed!
  • GAUDÍ, the exhibition


    Until 5 February 2023, Madrid is hosting the GAUDÍ exhibition, where visitors can learn about the life and work of one of the most outstanding figures in architecture and art on an international level.
  • Naturaleza Encendida, in the Royal Botanical Garden


    Once again, Christmas is the reason for an event at the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid: "Naturaleza Encendida", the most popular light show in the capital is back, read on!
  • "Nikola Tesla. The genius of modern electricity"


    CaixaForum Madrid exhibition centre is hosting this exclusive exhibition on the life of Nikola Tesla until 8 January, not to be missed!
  • "Daughters of the Nile"


    The Palacio de las Alhajas in Madrid hosts the exhibition "Daughters of the Nile", a journey to ancient Egypt, which can be visited until 31 December.
  • Great routes in Sierra Norte de Madrid


    Autumn tinges our paths, forests and mountains with its palette of brown and mahogany. Do you dare to go out and discover them? Here we recommend some of the best routes in the Sierra Norte de Madrid.
  • The Villas and spots of Madrid, turned into illustrations


    A total of 18 original illustrations make up this project of the Community of Madrid to promote its rich heritage, don't miss it!
  • El Rastro flea market on saturday


    The city of Madrid hosts the most traditional and emblematic leisure fair: Los Sábados de El Rastro, a traditional market that exhibits, among other things, vintage pieces, antiques, collectibles, collectibles and also includes various gastronomic and entertainment activities.
  • Tapas tour in Madrid


    The gastronomic offer of the capital is so abundant that, if you are thinking of going out for tapas, it is best to have a guide to the best stops. On this occasion we tell you the best areas and the best places to enjoy tapas in Madrid.
  • Flamenco in Madrid


    Madrid's most iconic and popular flamenco venues put on quality and heartmoving shows every night. Read on and discover the best 'tablaos' in the capital!

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